Over the weekend, several groups of ABI students traveled to different churches in Minnesota and Iowa to assist them with different events, ranging from outreach to a pastoral installation service. One group traveled to Owatonna, MN on Saturday to put on an outreach event in the town’s Central Park.. The group sang and worshipped God while Rev. Seth Gillet preached a short sermon to all those who came. Some were in their cars and some on the grass. The students enjoyed being a part of this outreach event that brought the name of Jesus to the city of Owatonna. Another group of students traveled to Andover, MN on Friday and Saturday to assist with the music as the church celebrated the installation of their new pastor and wife, Rev. Nigel and Tamara Ali, 2010 ABI graduates . The students loved being able to be a part of such a monumental service. Over the weekend, another group traveled to Iowa Falls, Iowa to help a new church with outreach and assist with music. On Saturday, they went into the community and handed out flyers and greeted people. They then went to a local coffee shop that provides live music, and sang and played guitar for a few hours. On Sunday, the group led worship for the church service and helped to usher in the presence of God. The students were grateful and blessed to be part of such a unique and fun experience.

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