On-Campus Faculty

Rev. Gerald Grant
Rev. Gerald GrantPresident

Rev. Grant has been president of ABI since 1990. He has over 60 years of ministry experience, including pastoring and teaching Bible College.

Rev. Robert Frake
Rev. Robert FrakeAcademic Dean

Rev. Frake served on the Board of Education for the UPCI for many years. He also served as pastor in Van Wert, OH and was a sectional presbyter for the district.

Rev. Thaddeus Reed
Rev. Thaddeus ReedRegistrar

Rev. Reed has over 25 years of ministry experience, including AIM work,  associate pastoring and teaching Bible College.

Rev. Justin Bishop
Rev. Justin BishopOutreach Coordinator

 Rev. Bishop has over 5 years of ministry experience, including teaching Bible studies, Bible College and preaching.

Rev. Seth Gillet
Rev. Seth GilletAdmissions Director

Rev. Gillet has over 5 years of ministry experience, including preaching and teaching Bible college.

Sis. Deb McGowan
Sis. Deb McGowanMusic Director

Sis. McGowan has over 25 years experience in music ministry and helping plant churches.

Rev. Andrew Reece
Rev. Andrew ReeceFinancial Advisor

Rev. Reece has over 8 years of ministry experience, including teaching Bible studies, Bible college and preaching.

Sis. Ageane Reed
Sis. Ageane ReedInstructor

 Sis. Reed has over 19 years of ministry experience, including AIM work, teaching Bible College and Ladies Ministry leader.

Sis. Pam Resong
Sis. Pam ResongInstructor

Sis. Resong has over 29 years of experience, including women’s dorm supervisor and teaching Bible college.

Sis. Robyn Smith
Sis. Robyn SmithWomen’s Dorm Supervisor

Sis. Smith has years of experience working with children and youth in various capacities.

Sis. Abigail Weisbrod
Sis. Abigail WeisbrodMusic Department Assistant

Sis. Weisbrod assists in the music department, as well as being the yearbook coordinator.

Adjunct Faculty

Rev. William Chapman
Rev. William ChapmanAdjunct Faculty

Noblesville, Indiana

Bro. Chapman is currently the pastor of United Pentecostal Church of Noblesville.

Rev. Daniel Flemming
Rev. Daniel FlemmingAdjunct Faculty

Ames, IA

Rev. Flemming is the pastor of New Life UPC and is currently the Iowa District Superintendent.

Rev. Timothy Bollmann
Rev. Timothy BollmannAdjunct Faculty

Saint Louis, MO

Rev. Bollmann has over 48 years of ministry experience, including pastoring and teaching Bible College.

Rev. Douglas Hanscomb
Rev. Douglas HanscombAdjunct Faculty

 Ashville, Tennessee

Bro. Hanscomb is currently traveling internationally, teaching and preaching.

Rev. Art Hodges
Rev. Art HodgesAdjunct Faculty

San Diego, California

Bro. Hodges is the pastor of South Bay Pentecostal and the SoCal District Superintendent.

Rev. Gregg Joki
Rev. Gregg JokiAdjunct Faculty

Dewer, OK

Rev. Joki is the assistant pastor of Dewar UPC and the Oklahoma Apostolic Man director.

Rev. Jack Leaman
Rev. Jack LeamanAdjunct Faculty

 St. Louis, MO

Rev. Leaman is an honorary Global Missions board member and travels to promote Faith Promise.

Rev. James Merrick
Rev. James MerrickAdjunct Faculty

Duluth, MN

Bro. Merrick is currently retired but still travels to teach and to preach.

Rev. Arlo Moehlenpah
Rev. Arlo MoehlenpahAdjunct Faculty

Poway, CA

Bro. Moehlenpah  travels the country teaching and is the Academic Dean of Christian Service Training Institute.

Rev. Jason Roach
Rev. Jason RoachAdjunct Faculty

Brockville, ON, Canada

Rev. Roach is the pastor of Brockville Tabernacle and secretary for the Sunday School department of Ontario.

Rev. Sidney Poe
Rev. Sidney PoeAdjunct Faculty

Alexandria, LA

Rev. Poe is currently a teacher and the Educational Director for the Occupational Chaplaincy Association.

Rev. Timothy Wachtstetter
Rev. Timothy WachtstetterAdjunct Faculty

Searcy, AR

Rev. Wachtstetter is the associate pastor of Revival Church of Searcy.

Support Staff

Sis. Brenda Beaver
Sis. Brenda BeaverOffice Manager
Sis. Kathleen BowerDietician
Bro. David McCuan
Bro. David McCuanMaintenance
Bro. Jeff Murphy
Bro. Jeff MurphyHead of Maintenance