Over the past semester, here at ABI,  we have been blessed  to have wonderful adjunct faculty. We sincerely appreciate each one of the teachers. We thank them for being willing to give of their time to teach us.   Bro. Joki’s ministry to the student body was one both  of sincerity and passion. After spending the past 26 years as a “second man” assisting pastor Matthew Martin in Dewar, Oklahoma, Bro. Joki invested those years into every one of the third and fourth year students. “We were touched by his emotional connection with the subject and the utmost sincerity he presented it with.” – Brenden Taylor, Class of 2019 president Dr. Sidney Poe has become a cornerstone in many of the students’ lives. A word of encouragement and wisdom is never far from escaping his lips. He exemplifies what it means to be a true Christian and teacher. While he may hold a scholarly level above many, he is sure to bring the Word of God down to a level in which he is able to touch both the heart and the mind of the students. Dr. Arlo Moehlenpah has dedicated his life to teaching. Focusing on creation vs. evolution, Dr. Moehlenpah sets a foundation for the students to stand on in order to defend the gospel. His work has reached around the world, and he is sure to come to  ABI every year to invest in another generation of young ministers.   We always appreciate the fresh perspective that each teacher brings to the eternal truths of God. Each instructor comes to us from his/her field of work and study ready to connect the Word of God to young people that will take the whole Gospel to the Whole world.  

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