The sanctuary is pretty packed Saturday morning. Everyone appears to be ready and excited for the last service (maybe it was really just caffeine from the morning coffee run). The worship as per normal is spirit led and anointed. The flow of the presence of God is easily felt throughout the sanctuary. I can feel overwhelming peace throughout all of the songs. Finally the last speaker of Torch is introduced: Reverend Travis Miller. He comes to the pulpit excited and pumped for what the Lord is about to do. You can hear the passion in his voice, and I know God is going to use him to speak to many people today. His message is titled “Incredible Opportunity”. He speaks on the Book of Daniel, and how God used young men that were skillful and recognizably different. Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were intelligent young men, who were captured and integrated into the Babylonian society. But while they were in Babylon, in this horrible time of enslavement, God brought them favor. They had an unwavering commitment and confidence in The Lord’s power. But Reverend Miller points out that although they were confident in God they were not obnoxious. They were respectful and kind people. We must be the same, especially dealing with employers and managers. We may have to tell them that we can’t work on Sunday or our church is having an event that we need to have off for. But we can’t approach them with a bad attitude and with disrespect. Instead we must kind, respectful but still have an unwavering commitment to God. Overall The Lord gave them wisdom and anointing because they lived God fearing lives in the midst of a sinful society. Daniel was not intimidated and did not do things halfway for God. He lived a life constantly in submission and surrendered to The Lord. The anointing that God had placed on Daniel’s life is what caught the eye of many Babylonian kings. Daniel was continually being promoted and rewarded.  The enslavement of Daniel was an incredible opportunity. Just like him, in the midst of a wicked society, we can serve God and have influence. There is no need to run away when God opens a door. We can’t be threatened by incredible possibilities. In Daniel, they never sought deliverance from their opportunity. They had an absolute confidence in a holy God. In the face of a confusing time they were committed and consistent. They went to God for empowerment and direction. We must be the same. Reverend Miller demands we stop praying for deliverance from a difficult situation but pray for power! We must stop whining and complaining and stand confidently. The Lord will supply all things that we need. God’s holy anointing on our lives is what will make the difference. Daniel’s anointing distinguished him from all the others. Like Daniel we must stop being fearful and intimidated but empowered. As Reverend Miller is finishing, he calls all the ministers, youth leaders and pastors to line up among the front and to stand in the aisles of the sanctuary. He wants every young person as soon as they finish praying for strength and empowerment, to step out and go to one of the ministers. The ministers will then pray over them, that anointing and authority from God will fall onto them and their ministry. Immediately young people across the sanctuary are praying one by one they step out from their pews and find a minister. The anointing and power of God is so strong you can hear it fall onto young person after young person. There is tears and shouts as many receive callings and visions that they have never seen before. I know that God is transforming lives and futures right in these last few moments of Torch. What a way to end the Torch Conference, it was not just an enlightening service but it was a service that truly gave us something to leave with. A service that changed many lives as they not only received callings but God also gave them the power and the anointing to accomplish it.   Anna Darden Second year student at ABI

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