The month of January is wrapping up at Apostolic Bible Institute, and it’s been a busy one to start out the year. During our first week of classes, the Minnesota Breakthrough Ministers Training Conference was held at ABI, and the students were able to sit in on the sessions and services, gleaning knowledge from seasoned ministers. During the next week, the students took a snow day and went snow tubing at Green Acres. Last week was Spirit Week at ABI, and the students enjoyed themselves as they proudly showed off their school spirit! The month wrapped up nicely with All Nations Sunday. With 18 different languages spoken in the congregation, cultures from around the globe were well represented. The preaching was translated into multiple languages, there were songs of worship in English, Spanish and Karen, and after, there was a cultural potluck dinner that everyone enjoyed. The young people had fun snow sledding in the afternoon and the day was filled with fellowship. As January winds down, we look forward to the relatively quiet month of February and the rest of the semester!

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