As the years progress, more and more licensed UPCI ministers are going into chaplaincy. There are four areas of chaplaincy: Military and VA, fire and police, health and medical, and occupational. Being a military chaplain is no easy feat, but it is one that multiple UPCI ministers, and ABI alumni have been willing to take on.   It began with Rev. Garry Truman, who graduated from Apostolic Bible Institute in 1965. He was an assistant pastor in Lima, Ohio in 1967 when he was drafted for the Vietnam War. After fighting for conscientious objector status for a year, in August of 1968 he went into the army as a medic and did a tour of duty in Vietnam.   As soon as his tour of duty was over, Rev. Truman came back to the states where he continued his ministry.   In 1977, he attended the General Conference of the UPCI in Indianapolis, Indiana where, through the help and encouragement of Rev. Arless Glass, (who received an honorary degree from ABI), God placed a calling in his life for military chaplaincy. The very next year, at the General Conference held in Kansas City, he went before the board and was approved. A week later, he had a letter of equivalency from Kenrick Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri, and by January, Rev. Truman was in active service as the first licensed UPCI military chaplain.   Rev. Truman says that when he went to meet with the academic dean at Kenrick Seminary, he showed him his ABI diploma and a yearbook that he had helped work on. The priest looked at them and said, “Looks good to me. I’ll have my secretary write up your letter.”   Rev. Truman was blown away at how God was working. As he went on to serve, he says that the most jarring experience came in his early days of service when a young man walked up to him and said, “They tell me you’re UPC?”   When Rev. Truman informed him that he was, the young man was surprised because he was so nice.   This encounter floored him and became an early reminder for him to just “be nice,” a mantra that he kept throughout his eighteen-and-a-half years of service as a military chaplain, retiring as a major in 1997.   His experience as a UPCI chaplain paved the way for more UPCI licensed ministers to follow, and they did.   Rev. Raymond Robinson graduated from ABI in 1988, teaching for several years as he completed his Master of Divinity at United Theological Seminary in New Brighton, Minnesota.   Rev. Robinson is currently a Colonel, the highest ranking UPCI military chaplain on the field and serves as the USFK (United States Forces Korea) Command Chaplain. These men serve and have served our military in a great capacity, spreading Truth overseas. But our ABI grads have stretched beyond military chaplaincy, and have gone into an area with a rigorous application process spanning fifteen months.   Serving as FBI chaplains.   It is no easy process, but once again, ABI graduates have paved the way to make it happen. Rev. Norman Paslay graduated from ABI in 1978, and went on to pastor Calvary Church in Cincinnati, Ohio for two decades before he decided to study for his Master’s at Urshan Graduate School of Theology.   In 2015, Rev. Paslay was appointed as an FBI chaplain serving Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio, the first UPCI minister to do so.   Another trailblazing ABI alum, Rev. Gregg Joki, did the same. Rev. Joki graduated from ABI in 1988 and went on to assist his brother-in-law in Dewar, Oklahoma. He has served at the Dewar United Pentecostal Church in multiple capacities, including 8 years of chaplaincy service in prisons, jails, police stations and fire departments.   His ABI degree, coupled with his chaplaincy experience, afforded him the opportunity to hold a position as an FBI chaplain that started in late 2016. Rev. Joki made the statement, “Without my ABI degree, I wouldn’t have gotten into the FBI.”   Since becoming an FBI chaplain, Rev. Joki has spoken at a Sunday morning service at Quantico, the FBI’s training academy in Virginia, and has briefly served as the chaplain on duty there.   ABI currently has on staff a former political chaplain, Rev. Andrew Reece, who graduated in 2009 and served at the Minnesota State Capitol from 2012 to 2013, and is still involved in the chaplain community. Also, one of our adjunct faculty members, Dr. Sidney Poe, is the Director of Education for the Occupational Chaplains Association, traveling the country teaching seminars and training new chaplains. He also teaches the chaplaincy course at ABI, which produced another chaplain on staff, Sis. Chandra Murphy. Sis. Murphy is the ABI Christian Academy principal and is also a licensed chaplain, visiting and aiding shut-ins.   ABI graduates have led the way in many areas of ministry. We are proud of each trailblazer that the school we love produces, and all who have followed to keep the work of the Lord going around the world!  

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